Dui Bail Bonds

Written by Will Baum
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DUI bail bonds are available through bail agencies nationwide. There is absolutely no reason to stay in jail a minute longer than necessary. The jail system doesn't want DUI prisoners crowding cells. People arrested for driving under the influence are not considered a danger to their community (provided they don't get behind the wheel after drinking again). Judges are very likely to set a reasonable bail for all DUI defendants without long criminal records or prior warrants.

DUI Bail Bonds and Celebrities

The DUI has a long and star-studded history. The California Highway Patrol and LAPD seem to be arresting a constant stream of celebrity drinker-drivers. David Hasselhoff, star of "Baywatch" and the now classic "Knight Rider" is a Betty Ford Center graduate and DUI arrestee. The actor-singer-late-night-joke was nabbed on Ventura Boulevard in Encino. It could have been you or me.

A website devoted to "DUI Divas" rates female celebrities for their grace under the influence. Contestants include Yasmine Bleeth (also of "Baywatch"), Diana Ross, Courtney Love, and Carmen Electra ("Baywatch" again). Not all celebrity drinker-drivers have appeared on "Baywatch." Glenn Campbell and Wynonna Judd are country stars, not fake lifeguards. "Witchblade" star Yancy Butler was arrested for weaving in and out of traffic, causing cars to swerve as they avoided her.

Celebrities don't stay in jail long, and neither should you or your loved ones. Posting DUI bail bonds is a quick and simple process. Find an experienced bail agent. Top agents are open 24 hours a day and ready to serve your needs. The Internet is a great place to find a top DUI bail bonds agent.

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