Get Out Of Jail

Written by Will Baum
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You can get out of jail within days or even hours of being arrested. This isn't Siberia, where you were locked away forever without ever getting your day in court. In America, the justice system provides defendants with a wide array of rights. You know the phrase, "innocent until proven guilty." Now that you have encountered the justice system first hand, you can perhaps take some comfort in those words.

Use Bail, Get Out of Jail

There is no way that jails could hold all the people arrested by police. That's one of the many reasons we have a bail system in place. By posting bail, you are free until your court date to return to your life. This in-between time, not free and not imprisoned, can be surreal. Novels and movies have dealt with this strange period of time. Now, with the help of the bail system, perhaps you'll be dealing with it too.

The bail system has developed over centuries from British law rooted in medieval times. The right to reasonable bail is no small matter. It is the sole subject of the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, sitting alongside Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms in the Bill of Rights. Reasonable bail can't be so low that it wouldn't matter if you had to forfeit the money. The entire bail system works because bail amounts are high enough to do real damage if a defendant decides not to appear in court when directed.

The quickest way to get out of jail is to call a top-quality bond agent. A top bond agent is licensed, experienced, and open around the clock to handle new arrests. The Internet is a terrific place to find a bail agent who can help you get out of jail right away.

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