If You Are Arrested

Written by Will Baum
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If you are arrested, you're going to jail. That doesn't mean you have to stay there. The bail system is in place to get you out of jail quickly and back home where you can begin working on your defense.

Bond agencies are open 24 hours a day. Bond agents might prefer to work nine to five, but arrests occur around the clock. Bond agents have to be standing by to get the bond process rolling as quickly as possible.

If You Are Arrested, Call A Bail Agent

The American bail system has its roots in medieval England, where a form of the process we have today first was formulated. Over the centuries, statutes were passed securing more certain rights for the accused. The rights we take for granted today were battled for many years ago.

If you are arrested, you know the fear and misery of being caught in the maw of the massive, impersonal justice system. Jail can be a frightening place. Getting out as quickly as possible is most people's top priority.

The jail system has no interest in keeping every prisoner arrested by the police. There are far too many. Without the bail system, the justice system wouldn't function at all. Once you post bail with the help of friends, family, and a bail agent, you are free to go, but you must return for your court date, or those who helped you will be liable for the full amount of bail--usually a crushing financial blow. If you are arrested, find a top bail agent right away. The Internet is a great way to find a licensed professional ready to help with your needs.

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