Los Angeles Bail Bond

Written by Will Baum
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Los Angeles bail bond agencies work 24 hours a day getting people out of jail as quickly as possible. If you need a Los Angeles bail bond, look for an experienced, licensed agent who will work hard and fast. No one wants to be stuck behind bars for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

History and Los Angeles Bail Bond Agencies

During the Gold Rush, law and order were almost non-existent. Over 100,000 men from around the world descended upon California, a territory without a government or police. Stealing was punishable with hanging. Whipping was common. People branded as criminals had their hair and eyebrows shaved.

Vigilantes in the northern part of the region pushed criminals out and to the south, to a new town called Los Angeles. In 1850, California became a state and Los Angeles became a city. George T. Burrill was the first sheriff of Los Angeles County. The local paper, the Los Angeles Star, reported in 1852 about the formation of the Los Angeles Rangers, a mounted and uniformed posse of 100 men, operating under the direction of the sheriff's department. The posse didn't stop all crime. In 1857, the sheriff was murdered.

Since those days, Los Angeles has grown to a city of millions, one of the largest in the United States. Crime has grown along with population, and a well-organized network of bond agencies has emerged to handle the needs of the newly arrested. The Internet is a great place to find a Los Angeles bail bond agency ready to serve your needs immediately.

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