Los Angeles County Jail

Written by Will Baum
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The Los Angeles County Jail is one of the most populated jail systems in the United States. While not especially notorious for bad conditions, the Los Angeles County Jail is not a place you want to be in any longer than is absolutely necessary. That's where a bail agent comes in.

Getting Out of The Los Angeles County Jail

If you or your loved one is behind bars, a bail agent is your immediate ally. Bail agents work around the clock because so do police. Call a bail agent immediately after arrest and begin the process of arranging bail. After the arraignment is over and a bail amount has been set, the bail agent is ready to spring into action.

Since cops and bail agents work around the clock, so do jails. Once bail is set, jails are ready to accept bond payment right away. No one should have to spend more than a night or two in jail before their court date. There are, however, some exceptions.

Violent criminals and repeat offenders may be kept in jail at the judge's discretion. Defendants that are viewed as a threat to the community are extremely unlikely to have a bail amount set. The bail system has its roots in British law reaching back to medieval times. Over the centuries, the process has been slowly refined. Today, the bail system operates like a well-oiled machine. The Internet is a great place to find a bail agent to help you or your loved one get out of the Los Angeles County Jail pronto.

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