Orange County Bail Bonds

Written by Will Baum
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Orange County bail bonds are available fast and relatively easily. Getting arrested is stressful and unpleasant. Dealing with a bail agency shouldn't be. Orange County bail bonds agents work around the clock and are always standing by to begin the process of getting bail together. No one should have to spend any more time in lock-up than is absolutely necessary.

History and Orange County Bail Bonds

In 1850, California became a state. With the Gold Rush, the California population boomed. Several towns cropped up south of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles county government was too far away to suit the needs of the people in these new towns, so the County of Orange was created in 1889.

The first sheriff of the new county was a Virginian named Richard T. Harris. A Gold Rush entrepreneur with no law enforcement experience, Harris had to build the Orange County police department from scratch. The first county jail was in a rented basement beneath a Santa Ana store. Going to jail was known at the time as "Visiting Bruner's Basement."

Thieves and vagrants were the main offenders of the day. Today, much has changed. Orange County has grown to become an enormous population center with every type of crime and criminal. There are many bail agencies to help navigate the justice system. Use only the best and most experienced. The Internet is a great place to find the Orange County bail bonds agency best equipped to serve you.

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