Professional Bail

Written by Will Baum
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Professional bail agents are standing by around the clock to help people minimize their time behind bars. Any time in jail is unwelcome. Jail can be a scary, forbidding place with its own rules, regulations, and customs. There is no reason you or your loved one should have to stay in jail any longer than necessary.

Professional Bail Agents Work Fast

Top professional bail agents know that jails accept bail 24 hours a day. For that reason, their offices are also open 24 hours a day. People are arrested every time, day and night. A qualified bail agent is your ally in this trying time.

A judge decides whether or not to set bail at an arraignment. In capital cases no bail is likely to be set. It is the judge's job to determine whether the defendant is a threat to the community or a likely flight risk. If the judge thinks either is true, there is little possibility the judge will set bail.

A friend or relative of the defendant works with a bail agent to get bail paid as quickly is possible. The friend or relative should understand that if the defendant doesn't show up for any of his or her court dates, the full amount of bail will be forfeited. The bail system gives the friend or family member who has money on the line a real incentive to make sure the defendant gets to court. The Internet is a great place to find a professional bail agent to serve your needs.

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