Bar Exam Review

Written by Jill Morrison
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How to Prepare for a Bar Exam Review

A Bar Exam review can be extremely helpful in preparation for taking the Bar Exam. There are numerous Bar Review courses and materials that can be purchased for a Bar Exam review. However, the testing criteria differs from state to state.

Differences in Criteria to Observe for a Bar Exam Review

Each state requires different qualifications and knowledge for their particular exam. There are differences in the pre-exam requirements. There are also differences in the format of the exam in each state. These differences should be noted during a Bar Exam review.

Most states require that an applicant passes the MPRE Exam prior to taking the Bar Exam. Passing scores on this exam may differ from state to state. Some states allow applicants to take a course in the place of the MPRE. A minimum of a C grade is usually required upon completion of this course.

The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) is the only consistent portion of the Bar Exam in every state. It includes 200 multiple choice questions on general law. Subjects tested on the MPE include Contracts and Sales, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Torts, and Real Property.

Each state includes a portion of the exam that is specific to laws in that particular state. The format of these portions may differ in material and length. For instance, some states may ask for six essay questions to be answered, others ask for three.

Each state varies in scoring percentages. Some states place more importance on the state-specific portion than the general law portion and score it accordingly. Other states may count each portion equally at 50% for each in the total score. Before participating in a Bar Exam review, the scoring procedures in the applicant's particular state should be understood.

Results from the exam are also released differently in every state. New York Bar Exam results are given within a few days. In most states, however, results may take up to three months to receive. This information may not make a difference in a Bar Exam review, but test-takers typically desire to learn about this information prior to taking the exam.

A Bar Exam review is always a helpful tool for law students preparing to take the Bar Exam. As you can see, study materials for a review will differ according to where the exam will be taken. A combination of knowledge on general law and state-specific law will lead an applicant to excel on the Bar Exam.

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