Bar Review Courses

Written by Jill Morrison
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Various Bar Review Courses are available to help law students study for the Bar Exam. The most popular review seems to be the Barbri Review. The Celebration Review is also very desirable to students.

Types of Bar Review Courses

The Barbri Review was founded by Richard J. Conviser. This course has existed for over three decades and has helped over 750,000 students. The Barbri review provides students with practice questions, detailed outlines StudySmart Software, and review lectures offered in various locations.

The Celebration Review was established in 1995. It has provided personal home-study Bar reviews to thousands of students around the world. Celebration is one of the companies that now offers courses as an online option. Taking Bar review courses online can save students time and money.

Many other Bar Review Courses are available to students besides the Barbri and Celebration. Booklets are a common purchase among students wishing to study on their own. There are many websites with free information as well for students who cannot afford the Bar Exam review courses. Regardless of preference, it is definitely recommended that law students take a course to help them study for the Bar Exam.

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