California Baby Bar

Written by Jill Morrison
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The California Baby Bar is an exam for first year law students in particular California Law Schools. These schools require the exam because they are not accredited by the American Bar Association. The Baby Bar is not a required exam in law schools that are located in other states.

The California Baby Bar has been a prerequisite for law students since 1935. It is required for students to continue in law school and to qualify for the Bar Exam upon graduating. Though this exam is for first year students, students now have the choice to wait past their first year to take the exam if desired.

Criteria for the California Baby Bar Exam

The Baby Bar Exam focuses on three particular subjects. They include Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. These topics are three of the many subjects covered in the Bar Exam, given after graduation.

The California Baby Bar is traditionally given in June and October of each year. Results may take several months to obtain. It is recommended that students take this exam in their first year or soon after so they can then focus on all the information they need to know for the Bar Exam.

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