Florida Bar Exam Results

Written by Jill Morrison
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Florida Bar Exam results will be received if certain criteria is met on the Bar Exam. In a two-day period, two major sections of the exam must be completed. These sections are the Florida essay portion and the MBE portion.

The Florida essay portion is given on the first day of the exam. It includes three essay questions and focuses specifically on Florida law. An applicant's knowledge of Florida lawyer competency and skills will be revealed in their Florida Bar Exam results.

The MBE portion has 200 multiple choice questions on general law. It is required on every Bar Exam across the nation. The MBE tests knowledge of subjects such as Contracts and Sales, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.

Grading Criteria for Florida Bar Exam Results

An average score of at least 131 points is required to pass the exam. Each portion is worth 50% of the total score. However, a high score in one section can offset a lower score on the other section. Florida Bar Exam results can be received if both portions of the exam are completed and if the applicant also passes the MPRE with a minimum score of 80 points.

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