Georgia Bar Exam Results

Written by Jill Morrison
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Receiving Georgia Bar Exam results may take up to three months. Two sections of the exam must be graded. The MBE section and the Georgia portion are the two major components of the exam.

The Georgia portion is comprised of four essay questions and a Multistate Performance Test. To achieve excellent Georgia Bar Exam Results, the applicant must demonstrate competency of lawyer skills. This section pertains to Georgia-specific law.

The MBE portion is given in every state for the Bar Exam. It tests general law knowledge. This section uses 200 multiple choice questions for testing.

Criteria for Reaching Georgia Bar Exam Results

Examiners will pass an applicant if they reach a score of 270. The applicant must receive a minimum score of 115 on the MBE section to have the essays graded at all. Georgia Bar Exam results will be given if this criteria is met.

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