Georgia Bar Review

Written by Jill Morrison
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When administering a Georgia Bar Review, one should focus on the structure and content of the Bar Exam. The Georgia Bar Exam has two major components. These components are the Georgia portion and the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

Components to focus on in a Georgia Bar Review

The Georgia and the MBE sections are given over two days in the testing process. The first day focuses on laws and regulations for Georgia, specifically. The second day focuses on general law in the MBE section.

In a Georgia Bar Review, it is important to know that there are four essay questions and a Multistate Performance Test (MPT) for the Georgia portion of the exam. The MPT consists of two performance tests and evaluates skills used by lawyers. Students are asked to complete a task with the resources they are given.

The MBE portion deals with nationwide laws and regulations. It is given on Bar Exams in every state across the nation. The MBE has 200 multiple choice questions on general law. A Georgia Bar Review should focus on both of these two sections equally.

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