New York Bar Exam Results

Written by Jill Morrison
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New York Bar Exam results are given after an applicant has taken the New York Bar Exam. Passing this exam is required for an applicant to become an attorney after graduating from law school. The exam covers two major portions and is given over two days.

The two parts of the exam are the New York portion and the Multistate Bar Examination portion. To complete these portions, the applicant must finish 250 multiple choice questions, five essay questions, and one Multistate Performance Test (MPT). Upon completion, applicants will shortly discover their New York Bar Exam results.

How to Determine New York Bar Exam Results

New York Bar Exam results are mailed on the same day that the exam was taken. A list of all passing applicants is posted on the New York Bar Examination site the same day. It is also posted on the web site of the New York Law Journal.

Results are given in the form of a written pass/fail notice. Each applicant who has passed can be certified by the Board to the Appellate Division where they reside upon showing proof that they have successfully completed the MPRE. Applicants residing outside of New York are directed to the Third Department.

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