Nj Bar Exam Results

Written by Jill Morrison
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NJ Bar Exam results are given to applicants if certain criteria has been met. Applicants must have initially completed their pre-exam requirements. Then, applicants must complete the three sections of the Bar Exam in the given two-day testing period.

Requirements for Obtaining NJ Bar Exam Results

Applicants must meet certain pre-exam requirements to take the New Jersey Bar Exam. They must pass the MPRE with a minimum score of 75. However, applicants do not have to take the MPRE if an Ethics of Professional Responsibility course has been completed, with a C grade or better.

There are three sections to the exam that must be completed to receive NJ Bar Exam Results. These sections are the MBE, the New Jersey Essay Exam and the MPT portion. The MBE focuses on general law questions. The other sections include New Jersey specific law questions.

A passing grade in NJ Bar Exam results are given if an applicant has earned a minimum average score of 133. The MBE section is worth 35% of the score. The New Jersey essay section makes up 55% and the MPT counts for 10% of the total score.

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