Beverly Hills Estate Planning

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Beverly Hills estate planning is a means of ensuring that the bulk of your estate passes to the beneficiaries of your choosing. The goal is to avoid any excessive fees, penalties, taxes, and time delays that can be avoided. There are always costs associated with estate planning, but when done correctly, those costs result in a net savings over traditional probate.

Probate is the process, set forth by state law, governing the distribution of your assets to creditors and beneficiaries, either in accordance with your will or in the absence thereof. The costs associated with the probate process can be considerable and are avoidable. Proper estate planning prepares your estate for distribution and nullifies the need for probate.

Beverly Hills estate planning can be adequately handled by Beverly Hills probate lawyers or specified estate planners. Probate and estate planning are closely linked and often attorneys work in both areas of the law. Not all lawyers qualified in these matters choose to be designated as such but many do. So you need not limit your search to those so designated.

A Warning Concerning Beverly Hills Estate Planning

Beverly Hills estate planning is nearly universal to the residents of Beverly Hills. Even comparatively small estates can benefit from proper planning. Unfortunately, some people claiming to be specialists in Beverly Hills trust services are only after your confidential financial information and a piece of your pie. Be wary of one-size-fits-all schemes, and look for an attorney who is willing to discuss a variety of options with you before making a decision.

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