Beverly Hills Guardianship

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Beverly Hills guardianship issues can become very nasty if you do not lay out your wishes beforehand. You need concern yourself not only with the guardianship of your minor children but also with the management of your estate on their behalf. Familial rivalries often erupt into full-blown court battles in the absence of such estate planning.

Ideally, estate planning should begin as soon as you gain control of an estate. In California, estates valued at under 100,000 dollars are in less need of estate planning than those valued at over 100,00 dollars. State law provides for expedited probate processes for estates below that mark. Above that mark, however, probate becomes lengthier and more costly.

Beverly Hills guardianship should be coupled with Beverly Hills trust services and other estate planning devices to ensure the well-being of your minor survivors. You should also plan for possible eventualities like incapacitation and terminal illness. Many estate planning devices become active only upon death and, legally, incapacitation is not death.

The Main Purpose of Beverly Hills Guardianship

If you had your way, you would surely live a long and fruitful life and your estate would be divided upon your peaceful death among your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. Just in case, however, planning for Beverly Hills guardianship should be undertaken. This way you can make sure that, no matter what happens, your children will be cared for as you would care for them.

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