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Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Yellow Pages isn't the only place to find a comprehensive lawyer directory, though many people choose to begin their lawyer search this way. The Yellow Pages have been around forever and are an established brand, especially by "old economy" standards. But the younger generation, as well as the tech savvy in general, are opting to conduct their research online in the open and democratic forum of the Internet.

As with the Yellow Pages and other book-style directories, many internet sites rank their listings according to sponsorship. Hence, the top lawyer listed may not (and probably is not) the best of the pack--just the best marketer. Then again, there's really no way to objectively rank attorneys, just as it's impossible to rank doctors, CPAs, or bus drivers. Each case demands its own unique approach. The best injury attorney will do little to alleviate your tax woes.

Finding a Lawyer Directory

A search on any of the major internet engines will turn up dozens (if not hundreds) of sites that aggregate lawyer information. You'll have access to company web sites, testimonials from clients, contact information, and usually an FAQ page to handle miscellaneous questions. It's a good idea to read through any prospective rep's site thoroughly and ask questions about procedure and billing right up front.

The answers you get through your correspondence will tell you much about how your would-be firm operates. Did you receive a prompt and courteous reply? A form letter thanking you for your inquiry? Nothing at all? As with all matters of judgment, let your common sense be your guide. And if you don't find a lawyer you like on one lawyer directory, just click through to another page and start afresh.

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