Los Angeles Asset Protection

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Los Angeles asset protection is important no matter whether your estate is immense or whether it is more modest. Large or small, your estate is what you have worked to build and keep together for all those years. Your goal should be to pass more of your estate to your beneficiaries and less to taxes, fees, and penalties.

Protecting your assets from legal liabilities and paying your taxes are the two main steps you can take during your life to protect your estate. But when your number is up, a whole new set of challenges can eat away at what you have built. Avoiding probate is the best way to protect your assets as they are transferred to your beneficiaries, after your death.

A specific, tailored plan for Los Angeles asset protection, put into place well beforehand, makes for smoother transitions. A forward-looking estate plan usually involves some mix of insurance, trusts, wills, and powers of attorney. Los Angeles living trusts help keep your assets out of probate, while Los Angeles living wills define your wishes in case of catastrophic or terminal illness.

Los Angeles Asset Protection and Probate

Los Angeles asset protection with living trusts allows all assets within the trusts to avoid probate, the process by which the courts divide your estate. If the trusts are not set up properly, your estate will still go through probate. So obtaining proper legal assistance is crucial. If you choose to use attorney referral services, check for their certification by the State Bar of California.

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