Los Angeles Estate Planning For Gays And Lesbians

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Los Angeles estate planning for gays and lesbians is absolutely crucial. In order for same-sex couples to have their last wishes for the distribution of their estates carried out, they must lay their wishes out, explicitly, in estate planning documents. Currently, the laws for same-sex couples are not equal to the laws for mixed-sex couples.

For gay and lesbian couple estate planning, preparation and thoroughness are the key words. Have your living wills and trusts in place well before you think you may need them. Though the laws may change within your lifetime, there is no guarantee that they will not then be rolled back.

Los Angeles estate planning for gays and lesbians is crucial because if one of the partners dies intestate (without a will) the probate courts will decide who receives the deceased's assets. Without a will, at the very least, state law decides how an estate is divided. Also, if assets are not properly transferred into the trust, they must go through probate, too.

The Differences in Los Angeles Estate Planning for Gays and Lesbians

Los Angeles estate planning for gays and lesbians is actually no different than for anyone else. Gays and lesbians may have a different focus or idea as to how their estates should be handled but that is true for almost any two people. You can either choose to work with an attorney from within the community or one from without, it matters little.

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