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Written by Patricia Skinner
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Finding a good criminal lawyer and seeking legal advice is not always the same thing. It is possible to pay for a one-off consultation with a lawyer before you decide how to proceed. You may feel, if you have a little cash to spare, that having a consultation with each of a few carefully chosen lawyers will help you to settle for the lawyer who suits you perfectly.

If you are facing criminal charges, you have some issues to consider. Most people don't even want to think of what might happen should they be convicted, but it is necessary to make plans just in case. Are you content to go for traditional sentencing, for example? Or would you prefer to be considered for alternative sentencing?

The Outcome of a Trial

If you are not guilty, or you are thinking that it's time to turn a new page in the story of your life, alternative sentencing may give you the best opportunity to make some serious changes for the better. There are many possible choices in alternative sentencing. Some offenders serve their time on weekends instead of as a traditional block of time. Others will be sentenced to probation, which may or may not be accompanied by counseling of some sort.

In addition, there are various types of house arrest and electronic observation. Some offenders are sentenced to community service. For traditional jail terms, there is always the possibility of finishing, or continuing education. In addition there are now various vocational training programs that can be drawn on as part of an alternative sentencing scheme.

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