Los Angeles Non-married Couple Estate Planning

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Los Angeles non-married couple estate planning is even more necessary than for traditional couples. The laws surrounding non-married couples are not as strong as those surrounding married couples. In order to make certain that your assets are distributed as you would like them to be, you really need to set up a comprehensive estate plan.

Non-married couples who have been together for a certain length of time do receive some benefits that married couples do as well. Certain assets move into common-law property and are treated as being jointly owned by both parties. In the absence of estate planning, however, probate can be a longer process and some assets may not go where you wish.

Los Angeles non-married couple estate planning ensures that your significant other is entitled to all of the assets to which you wish him/her to be entitled. For larger estates, you also receive the same benefits as other Los Angeles trusts and estates. Your costs can be considerably less than with probate and your beneficiaries can receive your assets more quickly.

Beginning Your Los Angeles Non-Married Couple Estate Planning

With Los Angeles non-married couple estate planning, you need to be as thorough in your accounting and assigning of assets as possible. This is even more so with Los Angeles same-sex couple estate planning. Upon your death, any assets unaccounted for will go through probate, and your assets will be assigned according to state law rather than your wishes.

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