Alabama Child Custody Laws

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Alabama child custody laws, although more conservative than other states, still emphasize that after a divorce, both parents have equal child custody rights. As long as a mother and father are loving and cooperative, they will each be allowed to consult one another regarding major decisions in their children's lives.

Alabama Child Custody Laws and Procedures

The issue that is of primary concern to the Alabama judicial system is a child's best interests. Since common sense dictates how important it is to have both parents in a kid's life, then this policy will be supported as much as possible.

The idea that the mother should be given greater consideration in awarding legal child custody is generally considered a thing of the past. Both parents have equal rights in the eyes of the law, and both parents play a vital role in the normal psychological development of a child. Even so, Alabama courts will generally favor the mother in awarding physical custody. Children simply seem to be more attached to their moms, and judges tend to have very traditional views on the subject.

A Child's Welfare

In some unfortunate instances, one parent may be unfit to care for a child. Abusive behavior, chemical addiction, or physical and mental handicaps can prevent a parent from being given custody of their children. This is not only true for divorce, but any time a parent's fitness to care for their children comes into question. Again, with Alabama child custody laws, the child's best interests are the main concern, whether those best interests involve both their parents, or not.

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I completely agree that the state should go for the right of the child's best interest and that is usually the mother. When the mother fails to proves herself to the judge that she is able to care for her childerns then that right should be taken away immediately. The mother shouldn't lie on where she resides and use false address just so she can obtain custody. The state of Alabama should be fluent on what they do!!! They have failed ot check on a mother's address and where she resides!!! They took her word for it and did not do the proper investigation!!! A woman is roaming freely with the custody of her kids by providing false address and documents to the court systems!!! Alabama the beautiful you should really open up your eyes and do your job!!! If the mote rin un-fit then why give her the rights to take care for own child!!! She is considered an un-fit mother for a reason!! DO your checks please I beg you!