Child Custody After Divorce

Written by Michael O'Brien
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As if things weren't difficult enough, determining child custody after divorce can be the most painful part of a marriage's ending. The children have gone through so much already. Now they must deal with the fact that seeing their mom or dad everyday is no longer a given.

How to Deal with Child Custody after Divorce

The main thing to consider is in making the transition as easy as possible for a child. It's never fair when bitterness between a couple getting a divorce carries over to a child's perception of their parents. Even so, it's very common for one parent to try and pit their kids against the other, or try to get them to choose sides.

Sometimes, there are legitimate reasons why one parent should have primary custody of a child over another. If a parent is abusive, handicapped, or otherwise unfit to care for a child, then certainly, sole custody of children by the other parent may be essential. But if this is not the case, it is very important for children of a divorce to be able to stay as close to both parents as possible. This will not only make things easier for them, but also will help ensure that they develop normal psychological relationships in the long run.

The Best Decision is Joint Child Custody

One of the biggest fears and sources of anxiety can be over matters of how child custody after divorce will be settled. Legally, as long as other circumstances do not call into question the fitness of someone to care for their kid, both parents of a child who was born in that marriage, have equal rights.

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