Child Custody And Father

Written by Michael O'Brien
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A big source of anxiety for fathers after a divorce is how much of a part they will now play in their children's lives. Looking at the issues surrounding child custody and a father's rights can help alleviate the strain.

Child Custody and Father: Knowing your Rights

In most states, both parents have equal child custody rights in the eyes of the law. Gone is the notion that the mother has more of a right to get the children than does the father. Even so, it is often the case that a judge will favor the mother in a child custody dispute. This is because children are often more attached to their mother, and because it has been a more traditional practice of the courts to award mothers day to day custody of the kids.

It's very important however, that fathers continue to play as active a role in their kid's lives as possible. Just because the dad may not necessarily see his children every day, doesn't mean he won't be able to spend some good, quality time with them. Visiting the kids as much as possible is crucial.

Parental Custody

Knowing about child custody and a father's rights is also important, because a father can, in a lot of cases, have every chance of getting day to day custody of the children too. If the dad is going to be living in the home where the children already reside, or has greater financial means to support the kids, then he will be favored in a child custody battle. Either way, a father's role in their children's lives is vital, and the courts recognize this. Losing a wife doesn't mean a dad has to lose his children too.

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