Child Custody And Visitation

Written by Michael O'Brien
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One of the most important aspects of a divorce is child custody and visitation. How to proceed? How often should visits occur? These are vital decisions to be made regarding the child's well being, that will be worked out with each child custody attorney, and the judge.

Fairness of Child Custody and Visitation

In many cases, both parents are able to care adequately for the child. Still, the child will be in custody of one main parent. The other parent serves a significant role too however. Even though the visitation parent is in the child's life less time, they are still a major influence.

Rules During Visitation

Sometimes, parents who have only received visitation rights will adopt a tendency to spoil the child during visitation. Because he or she only sees the child twice a month, or only during the summers, the impulse is to allow the child to do anything desired. This is a common mistake. Children need structure. And even though it may be fun to indulge, children should have the same rules to follow when in the care of either parent.

Another common mistake that often occurs after a child custody battle is for the parent with visitation rights to malign the parent with custody (or vice-versa). Pitting the child against one of his or her parents is unproductive. It only serves to cause confusion and a sense of instability in the child. It's always important to take a responsible approach towards child custody and visitation.

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