Child Custody Arrangements

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The most important aspect of child custody disputes is the child. Child custody arrangements need to provide a situation that causes the least amount of stress for the children involved. This is very difficult, as divorce itself is traumatic for children. Steps should be taken to ensure their sense of being safe and being loved.

Consider the Child

Child Custody arrangements must be made in order to suit the child's life, foremost. Many parents selfishly try to bend the children's schedule to fit their own busy lives. If there is a child custody battle, and the severed couple will be living in the same town, custody is mostly an issue of visitation rights. However, if the parents plan to live far away from one another, where the child is placed is of extreme importance.

Consider the age of the child. If they are very young, they may not mind being uprooted. If they are teens, they may need to remain in an environment where they have already forged strong ties and friendships. There is much to think about regarding child custody and visitation.

Seriousness of Child Custody Arrangements

Parents must carefully evaluate the needs and, to some extent, the desires of the children involved in a custody dispute. Custody arrangements should not be taken lightly. Children should be made to feel they have some stability in their lives.

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