Child Custody Attorney

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The child custody attorney plays a key role in any child custody battle. It is important that anyone embarking on a child custody case find an attorney with whom they can work.

Finding the Right Child Custody Attorney

The child custody attorney should be experienced in the courtroom and knowledgeable in the law. How many cases has this person won? How many have they lost? Under what circumstances have they lost cases? How much time can they give to this case? These questions should be carefully considered when hiring a child custody lawyer.

Working with the Right Attorney

Not only is it important that your child custody lawyer is skilled in the courtroom, he or she also needs to be able to communicate effectively with you. Laws regarding child custody differ from state to state. Even different judges may have a tendency toward giving custody to the mother or the father. You want an attorney who knows as much about the system as possible.

And you need to effectively be able to communicate your agenda with your attorney. You need to be flexible too. What custody issues are of absolute importance to you? Which issues are you willing to negotiate? Your attorney can best serve you if you are clear about your needs.

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