Child Custody Battle

Written by Michael O'Brien
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A child custody battle can be one of the most traumatic experiences a child can be put through. The most important thing to remember throughout the ordeal is the well being of the child. The best thing for you and your children is to try and keep the proceedings civil and productive throughout. The more positive the proceedings, the better for all involved.

Finding the Best Solution

To provide the best situation for the child, both parents' assets, strengths and weaknesses should be understood and evaluated. What are your weaknesses and strengths? What are the other parent's weaknesses and strengths? What are the needs of the child?

Winning a Child Custody Battle

To win a child custody battle, you want to evaluate the situation as objectively as you can. Carefully consider the child's needs and each parent's assets. If you decide that you are truly best suited to have custody of the child, then you need to seek out a highly trained child custody attorney.

A good lawyer plays a vital role in any child custody case. This person serves as your mouthpiece in the courtroom, and with the other parent. Get recommendations for a skilled lawyer. This person needs to have courtroom experience, as well as be able to communicate the proceedings with you.

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