Child Custody Cases

Written by Michael O'Brien
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In general, child custody cases can happen for various reasons, and can be decided any number of ways. Here are a few of the practical considerations in a typical child custody battle.

Factors in Child Custody Cases

Believe it or not, amicable arrangements between divorcees, without need for legal intervention, occur 90% of the time. Most people today understand that it is in the best interests of their children to have as much contact as possible with both their mother and father.

Today, making a case against a parent when it comes to a child custody dispute is more about parental fitness than anything else. What this means is, how able is a parent to care for their child properly? Are they physically, or psychologically abusive? Do they have some kind of disability that may prevent them from being able to care for a child? Is substance abuse causing problems?

Denying Parental Custody

Child custody cases against unfit parents are one of the most tragic, unfortunate situations that courts must deal with. Although this can apply to divorcees, it can also occur when evidence is found which may prove parental abuse or neglect is occurring, thus forcing the state to intervene. When this happens, a child's best interests have to come first and foremost. Being separated from a parent is difficult, but sometimes necessary.

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