Child Custody Disputes

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Child Custody disputes are more often than not, the hardest part of a divorce. The bond between a parent and child is much stronger than with a spouse. The idea of losing that bond can be one of the biggest sources of anxiety when having to face the issue of child custody after divorce.

The Best Way to Settle Child Custody Disputes

As long as both parents are loving and able to be good parents to their children, the best thing is to settle the matter of how child custody will be divided, out of court. Many states will even provide counseling to ensure an amicable agreement is made. This will be the best thing for not only the parents, but the children as well. It forces parents to be agreeable towards one another, and serves as an excellent example to a child. Conflict is never a good thing for children to witness.

Unfortunate Circumstances

If the issue of parental fitness comes into question, this may be a time when child custody disputes would have to be settled by the court. If a parent has demonstrated past behavior that could be detrimental to a child, then the other parent would have a case against their spouse being granted child custody.

Violence, abuse, chemical addictions, insufficient financial means, a physical or mental handicap; all these are factors that could contribute to a parent being denied custody of their children. This is not only true of divorce, but any child custody matter. After all, the state takes children away from unfit parents all the time to place into foster care.

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