Child Custody In Kansas

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Fighting for child custody in Kansas involves knowing the criteria the Kansas courts will use to decide child custody cases. As is true with any state, a child's best interests are the primary concern.

Obtaining Child Custody in Kansas

As much as possible, joint custody of children by both parents is the most favorable solution to a child custody battle. But if it is a battle that is being sought, then doing so should be for the right reasons.

Bitterness between parents should never be a factor in arguing for child custody. The courts in Kansas, like most other states, will weigh this possibility against a child's best interests. If a parent has a truly legitimate case against the other, only then will the court decide if one parent should be given preferential child custody rights.

Abuse, Neglect, and Other Factors

If it can be proven that one parent has demonstrated violent, or psychologically abusive behavior, then this would be good reason to make a case against their having the rights to custody of their children. This would also apply to conditions such as substance abuse, a physical or mental handicap, or any other factor which would prevent a parent from being able to take proper care of their kids. When fighting for child custody in Kansas, making sure you have a strong enough case to justify your position is an absolute necessity. No court takes very kindly to pettiness or personal grudges.

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