Child Custody Laws In California

Written by Michael O'Brien
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As is the case with most states, child custody laws in California take many issues into consideration when deciding how guardianship of children will be divided between divorced parents. After what is in a child's best interests has been determined, there are other factors that are taken into account as well.

Knowing the Child Custody Laws in California

Besides basic health and welfare, one of the main factors California law takes into account when deciding child custody cases is the children's wishes, assuming they are old enough or of sufficient capacity to make such a decision. Also, the parents' willingness to allow the other parent to maintain a good relationship with their children is considered.

The people who will be in the child's life under the guardianship of a particular parent will also be taken into account. This can include step relatives, parents in law, or even someone who may be dating a particular parent if the person in question will live with the child under new custody arrangements. Also, whenever possible, siblings will be kept together when parents separate.

Multiple Issues

From child or substance abuse, to marital misconduct, child custody laws in California consider many different factors when deciding a case of this kind. Although what's been listed here is only the tip of the iceberg, it's at least a beginning in understanding the legal issues of a child custody case in California.

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