Child Custody Laws In Missouri

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Like most states, child custody Laws in Missouri favor making the transition as smooth as possible for children after a divorce. The key is to protect them from the difficulties of a failed marriage, and to keep both parents in their lives.

What Child Custody Laws in Missouri Recommend

Whichever parent has primary custody, it's important for the other parent to visit with and have their kids stay with them as much as possible too. At this point, it's vital for children to understand that just because the marriage has ended, this doesn't mean their parents love them any less. Visiting the children frequently will help them understand that they are still important.

Child custody laws in Missouri also recommend that discipline for their children be consistent, and that visits include being able to see how the children are being treated. Children should never be asked how they like a parent, as this might encourage them to unhealthily choose sides against one parent or the other. But observation of how the children are being spoken to and handled will not only ensure that both parents are doing a good job, but will also allow them to maintain consistency in their parental methods.

Be the Parents

The judicial system in Missouri stresses the importance of maintaining stability in a child's life after a divorce. Child custody arrangements should include a very careful awareness of how to treat children so they understand they are still loved, and that they will still have both parents in their lives as much as they always have. This is one of the most important child custody issues for parents to be aware of.

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