Child Custody Nebraska

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Nebraska is a "no-fault" divorce state, but when it comes to child custody in Nebraska, fault can be a factor. Negative aspects about either spouse can be used in court to make arguments about why custody should not be awarded to that person.

Child Custody in Nebraska and Paternity

If parents have never been married, either the mother or the father can bring about a paternity case. In most child custody cases, mothers seeking financial aid and child support bring about paternity suits. But sometimes, men bring about paternity suits to prove fatherhood and gain custody or visitation rights.


According to child custody Nebraska law, both parents are responsible for the rearing of a child. This includes the child's well being financially and emotionally. Having both parents in a child's life is one of the most important steps parents can take in ensuring their kids grow up to be emotionally healthy.

As with any state, the well being and best interests of the child are what is most important in Nebraska. This includes being able to provide the child with as healthy and as stable a home life as possible. Having a mom and dad, who have the means to support and properly raise their child is something Nebraska child custody laws takes very seriously.

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Well I was in your situation not to long ago, I pntitioeed the court for 50/50 custody, but the ex wanted full custody. Went in front of the judge for an interim order, as my ex would not let me see my son since I started court proceding. Well, the first thing the judge asked was what do you want and why. I told him, then he asked the ex why she didn't agree. She made up some BS and the judge saw right through it and basically agrued with her on my behalf until she finally agreed to everything I asked for. What was meant to be an interim court date actually ended up being the final court date. I wish you best of luck, and hope you have a fair judge.As far as your job goes, screw them if they can't allow you time to take care of your family affairs. If you have to find another job then do it. No job is worth putting it before you family. Most parents half to work, so I seriosly doubt the judge will hold that against you. Good luck.