How To Win Child Custody

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Knowing how to win child custody is important to every loving parent. That is why a child custody battle can be so brutal. There is no easy formula to winning child custody, but there are steps you can take to build a strong case.

Choosing the Right Child Custody Attorney

It is vitally important that you choose the right lawyer to present your case. You need a lawyer who is skilled in child custody law, and has a great amount of experience in the courtroom. You also need someone who is able to effectively communicate your situations and options to you.

How to Win Child Custody: Steps You Can Take

Try to think objectively about the situation. Make a clear child custody evaluation and work from that. Make lists of your own strengths and weaknesses as a parent. Also, make a list of the other parent's strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to decide where the best place is for the child.

Decide if you should be the one to initiate a child custody battle, or if you should more simply try to settle the case. Settlement is infinitely less stressful on all parties involved, but is not always possible. Consider if you can negotiate with the other parent through your lawyer. Knowing how to win child custody can sometimes be as simple as knowing when to fight, and when not to.

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