North Carolina Child Custody Laws

Written by Michael O'Brien
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North Carolina Child Custody Laws are very complex, and involve many procedures which have to be followed if someone is going to properly file a child custody case. Failure to meet these guidelines in even the slightest way will result in a parent being denied their plea.

How to Deal with North Carolina Child Custody Laws

Unless you know you are working with a highly skilled, knowledgeable attorney who can navigate through the incredible amount of red tape that North Carolina child custody laws demand, the best bet is to avoid going to court at all. In fact, only rarely do child custody disputes ever make it to the courts in North Carolina.

The judicial system of North Carolina, and most attorneys will prefer to settle matters of child custody out of court. Extreme efforts will be taken to see to it that the parents work things out between them in an amicable fashion. Only under certain circumstances, where the well being or life of a child may be in jeopardy, will the issue be taken before a judge.

Avoid the Courts

We all know how frustrating it can be to deal with an overly complicated, and unfortunately, often ineffective bureaucracy. That's why if you're a parent seeking child custody in North Carolina after a divorce, you should take whatever steps are necessary to settle the matter between yourselves.

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