Ohio Child Custody Laws

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Ohio child custody laws take the best interests of the children into account when deciding any kind of child custody issues in a divorce settlement. As such, joint custody of children by both parents is not necessarily a given.

Understanding Ohio Child Custody Laws

Although it is more favorable to have equal child custody rights over their children, this is by no means a guarantee. An abusive, and/or negligent parent, or one who is addicted to illicit substances will be denied parental guardianship. Also, the parent's ability to support their children is a major consideration. If a parent isn't working, or if providing proper care for a child is beyond their physical, mental, or financial means, the parent who does have those means will be favored.

Children's Wishes

In some cases, a judge will listen to a kid's wishes when deciding a child custody case. But in general, this is a difficult way to get an accurate picture of what will be in his or her best interests. After all, parents can coerce their children into saying whatever they want, or sway an opinion by bad mouthing the other parent. A judge will usually conduct a private interview with a child to determine how much weight should be given to their expressed wishes.

Again, Ohio child custody laws only want what is best for a child in the long run. Deciding which parent is most fit to be the primary guardian of their children is no matter to be taken lightly. Ohio is very strict in child custody matters.

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