Virginia Child Custody Laws

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Virginia child custody laws are very strict about making sure both parents understand and live up to their parental roles. Some interesting insights have come from the years of judicial experience in Virginia child custody cases.

How Virginia Child Custody Laws View Divorce

The main thing that the courts in Virginia emphasize is that no matter how much you may wish to have a former spouse out of your life, they will always be a part of your life as long as your children are minors. Children must see that their parents get along, agree on disciplinary issues, and that they are both still going to continue to play as active a role as possible in their upbringing

Parents are encouraged to place their personal feelings towards one another aside where the kids are concerned. A child should never be made to resent a parent, as this can lead to severe emotional problems for them down the road. Parents should always make sure their children have a positive view of both their mother and father.

Not Their Fault

Finally, Virginia child custody laws encourage parents to make sure their children understand that the reasons for a divorce have nothing to do with them. It's very natural for children to feel guilty, or think they somehow are responsible for parents splitting up. To make sure child custody matters like this don't psychologically scar a child, both parents must go to great lengths to reassure, and most of all, be as loving to their children as they can.

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