Back Child Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Back child support payments are difficult to recover via state provided resources. When you file a claim in any state for child support, you are among the thousands of other claims the state is juggling simultaneously. How much personal attention does your case file receive?

Collecting Back Child Support

The unfortunate truth is you are not receiving nearly as much attention as you deserve. Unless you follow up closely on the status of your claim you may not know what little progress is being made. By taking the initiative to learn the status of your child support claim you may be avoiding months or even years of back child support.

Do you know what the age of emancipation is in your state? This may play an important part in your child's eligibility to collect past due support payments. Additionally the statute of limitation in your state may prohibit you from collecting money after a certain amount of time.

A Word of Advice

The best advice I can give you is to research child support on your own time. The internet has dozens of website that contain statistics, legislature and tips on how to improve your collection rate. The more you know about child support the more likely you are to recover the money your child needs to grow and flourish.

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