Back Child Support Payments

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Back child support payments can still be collected even if your son or daughter has already turned 18. For years you tried unsuccessfully to collect support money from your ex-spouse. After he relocated to several different states you finally gave up the fight.

Struggling without Back Child Support Payments

You raised two children on your own for the last ten years. On one salary this responsibility seemed near impossible at times. The basic costs of living are burdensome and you feel as though your children may have missed out.

Now they are in the stages of applying for college. Without the back child support payments you won't even be able to afford a state university. Sure there are loans and grants, but with so many children applying to schools each year, the chances and opportunities for your children diminish.

It's Never Too Late to Collect

Even though your children are above the age of 18, you still have a valid argument for collecting support. If the initial child custody claim was filed before the age of 18, those payments you never received are still yours. Finding outside help to assist in the collection effort may prove beneficial.

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