Child Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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An Ongoing Crisis for Many Families

Child support has long been a serious problem in the United States. Statistically speaking, the collection rate is improving though the harm has already been done in many households. Collecting or paying children support isn't just about handing over a percentage of your earnings. That money is a necessity in order to provide children with the life they deserve.

In 2002, $92.3 billion was the amount of unpaid children support in the U.S. That number, though shockingly high, is only $4.3 billion more than the national statistic for 2001. How many children do you think that amount represents?

Shocking Statistics

Those uncollected dollars should have gone to the families of over 20 million children. Without that money children are subjected to less than livable conditions, malnutrition, behavioral problems and often insufficient education. Why are these parents refusing to pay their child support?

Perhaps they don't have enough money to afford child support payments. Unfortunately the statistics prove otherwise. Only 17% of open child support cases involve a family on welfare. 37% of cases involving monetary support for children are for families that have never been on welfare. So if money isn't the issue, what is?

Who Pays the Highest Price?

Unfortunately custody battles are rarely amicable. Most often it is the children who end up paying for their parents' differences. While there are various organizations dedicated to child support recovery services, not all stories have a happy ending.

If you or someone you know is in the middle of a complicated dispute over child finances, encourage them to seek help. We understand that it takes a lot of courage to enlist the help of others, especially in such a personal matter. Without asking for help a parent may be sacrificing their child's well being.

Affordable Child Support Recovery

Since money, and the lack of it, is what has caused this problem in the first place, many of these recovery agencies work on a contingency basis. That means if they can't recover any of your support money, then you don't have to pay them for their services. Hopefully this will relieve some of the financial concern you may have about these recommended recovery services.

Many of the recommended services you will learn about in this site are dedicated to collecting the money that is rightfully yours. In fast and efficient processes, these agencies can make a difference in your child's life and in less time than you expected. Read some of the case studies and testimonials provided in this site and then decide for yourself whether or not to take the next step to support and protect your child.

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