Child Support Calculator

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A child support calculator can help encourage you to pursue child support payments that are rightfully yours. Many parents that are in the middle of support disputes are financially strained and can't afford the resources to collect their money. This sad but very true reality is the reason that more than $92.3 billion were not collected in support wages in 2002.

Using the Internet for Support Help

More parents are now looking toward the internet for free resources that can help them obtain the money they are owed. Since the internet has become the one-stop-shop for information, many parents are investing their own time trying to search for an affordable solution. By taking matters into their own hands the amount of uncollected payments will hopefully decrease.

Determine the Debt with a Child Support Calculator

Many websites offer free information and a child support calculator. This can help you determine whether you qualify for recovery services and potentially how much money you could collect from the absent parent. This data should give you the boost you need to take action for yourself and your child.

Statistics have proven that children who grow up in a single parent home without the added support of financial help from the other parent are likely to live at poverty level or below. As a parent your main concern should be the well being of the child. If you are a single parent looking to improve the quality of your family's life, click on the link above for information on how to get started.

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