Child Support Recovery

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Child support recovery efforts are normally handled by the state. When you consider that more than 20 million children are deserving of child support it is easy to understand how 32% of those claims never get paid out to the parent in custody. If you are one of these parents who has difficulty claiming your rightful money, continue to read this site for helpful information.

Nationwide Child Support Recovery

In many cases, the parent in question leaves the state and therefore dodges financial responsibility. If you don't know where the responsible parent is located there are services available that can locate and hold the person responsible for this payment. These actions are nearly impossible for the average mother or father as they are time consuming and often expensive.

By working with a private agency you will see immediate results in your child support recovery claim. Until progress is made you are not responsible for financing these services. Upon collection, a percentage of your recovered money goes directly to the recovery firm and the rest directly to your pocket.

Reading the Fine Print

There are many questions you should ask before hiring third-party help. Find out if there is a contract or agreement that you need to sign. This may lock you into a specific time frame of use. For example, once an agreement is reached you may be obligated to allow the search firm 12 consecutive months of recovery efforts. If after this time you decide to discontinue service there will be no penalties or additional fees.

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