Child Support Services

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

Child support services may or may not be successful in your quest to recover your child support money. If you are relying on state resources to follow up and retrieve money from your child support claim, you may be waiting years before you see a dime. You can circumvent this process by taking the initiative in your own support claim.

Private child support services use a more aggressive approach to recovering finances. Repeated phone calls and legal action are taken in an effort to gain full cooperation. In these instances, more than 70% of child support is recovered.

Affordable Child Support Services

Since money is already tight, it would be wrong to assume paying for these services is a viable option. If you had additional money, the lack of child support payments may not be such a burden in your household. You can still ask for assistance in the recovery of child support without having to put yourself in further debt.

Thanks to contingency-based child support agencies, you can accept the help of a team of professionals. These people will strive to recover as much money as possible from the absent parent. Their fees are based on their success. If they don't recover your money, they won't charge you for their services.

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