Deadbeat Dad

Written by Jessica Duquette
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What Is a Deadbeat Dad?

A deatbeat dad is something that no child deserves. A bit of a slang term, the phrase deadbeat dad is commonly used to describe a father that has neglected his responsibilities as a parent. While there are many ways in which a father can overlook the well being of the child, in most cases it is used in a financial context.

A deadbeat dad is commonly behind or not fulfilling payments of child support on a regular basis. He may also be dodging his parenting obligations when it comes to visitation rights. Generally speaking, this type of person is not interested in the health or life of his child.

Mothers Can Be Neglectful Too

I believe the term is very misleading in the fact that it only portrays fathers as being irresponsible. There is no term for a mother who neglects her children. Unfortunately there are many mothers out there who do not put the interests of her children first.

How do you deal with deadbeat parents? If child support payments are the issue you may want to consider setting a court date or talking to a collection firm. For all other issues, very little can be done legally. The best thing you can do is compensate for the lacking parent by being interested, active and loving toward your child.

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