Illinois Deadbeat Dads

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Illinois deadbeat dads are more common than many would like to believe. In 2002, more than $2.6 billion dollars should have been paid out in child support. Of that amount only 38% made its way into the needing households.

A Nation-Wide Tragedy

The rest of the families were forced to live on an insufficient amount of money. This sad circumstance is happening in all of the states around the world. Illinois deadbeat dads are just one example of the epidemic that has spread across this nation.

In many states, custodial parents are allowed to enlist the services of a private organization. These people work on several cases each day, maximizing the chance for full collection results. This is very different to how state agencies function, where one employee may work on hundreds of cases simultaneously.

Fighting Against Illinois Deadbeat Dads

To learn more about these third party agencies in the state of Illinois, simply click on the link above. You will learn how these professionals have made collection rates in child support cases improve from 38% to 70%. Taking advantage of this information resource could bring some well-needed money back into your home.

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