Kids Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Kids support has regretfully been decreasing as more child support claims are filed. Only 17% of child support is collected each year. The remainder of that money never makes its way into a child's life.

Searching for Ways to Collect Kids Support

If you've tried unsuccessfully to recover your child support money using state resources, we've outlined a few tips that may help in your mission. While third party agencies are often the most successful way of recovering your child support money, we believe that parents should have the right to elect their own recovery options. The following paragraphs may give you some ideas you haven't tried.

Communicating with your government officials is always a positive way of getting your message out. You can write letters, make a phone call or even send an e-mail about your child support claim and what it means to your family. Someone may eventually act on your request for help.

Do Your Homework

Research state laws and legislature on kids support. The more you know about your state's processes the more likely you are to be heard. If you can get involved in this process you're going to have a positive impact on the outcome of child support laws.

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