Not Paying Child Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Not paying child support is against the law. Unfortunately, with the abundance of child support cases, the majority of which never get paid, very little can be done to alleviate this situation. Each state has their own office of personnel which follow up on child support cases. This can be thousands of cases per state.

On the Verge of Giving Up

If you are the custodial parent of one of these cases you are likely getting fed up with lack of results. Two years have gone by and you're still waiting on your first child support payment. In the meantime you've spend thousands of dollars on food, books, clothing and miscellaneous items that are draining your bank account.

When an absent parent is not paying child support, they probably don't realize the financial strain that puts on the family. Finance problems can wreak havoc on parents and children. This frustration and tension permeates into all other aspects of family life.

The Result of Not Paying Child Support

More than 20 million children grow up in households just like this. Poverty-like conditions make it difficult for children to enjoy their youth. It is the children who end up hurting most as a result of not paying monthly child support.

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