State Child Support

Written by Jessica Duquette
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State child support can go un-recovered for years. This could be financially and emotionally straining on any family. Relying on state resources to collect your money is not your only option. If you are fed up with the lack of personal attention you are receiving it may be time to look elsewhere for help.

Lost in the Shuffle

Your child support claim often gets filed away with the millions of other claims the government has to deal with. Unless you pick up the phone and inquire the status of the money owed to you, it is likely that no one is working on your case. This behavior is unacceptable for a custodial parent who can barely afford to feed her family.

Getting a state child support agent on the phone to discuss your claim is no easy task. After leaving countless messages for your representative, you're beginning to wonder if you'll ever see any of that money. You are not alone. Millions of other parents are leaving similar messages and getting the same responses.

Start Collecting State Child Support

Your case deserves priority. It deserves the personal attention needed to make headway on the collection of your child support money. Instead of waiting around and experiencing the same state treatment you can make an immediate difference with quantifiable results by clicking on the link above.

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